Monday, 29 September 2008

Filmmaker TAL ROSNER confirms lecture on November 7th

Tal Rosner is a filmmaker, director and graphic designer. His debut film, Doppelganger (2004), has been screened in various moving image festivals, including the ICA, London in May 2005, the Brighton Festival Fringe 2005, the Global Student Animation Awards Los Angeles 2005, and the 2005 L'alternativa festival of independent cinema, Barcelona. In the summer of 2006, Doppelganger was featured on the BBC's Big Screen, Birmingham, where it was screened in Chamberlain Square, and in September 2006 it was screened as part of ArtsFest at the Library Theatre, Birmingham.

In 2008 Tal won a BAFTA for his title sequence for Channel 4's 'Skins'

Monday, 22 September 2008

Ex Student exhibits work

Guy Mckinley an illustration graduate from Stockport College has been exhibiting work, see it for your self at: for more info on Guy see his webpage:

Friday, 19 September 2008

More Kate

See more of Kate Gibb's work at

Queen of the screen!

Hey there, level 2ers, check out what Kate Gibb has to say about the screenprinting process and much more. Kate produces all the artwork for The Chemical Brothers, she is well good.
Take a look at an interview with SK8wear company Stussy.
Also take a peek at her blog, she's up to allsorts.

'If you could'

Some great examples of two colour screen prints on this site.

Not another bloody blog!

"It's nice that"
seems to have some really interesting illustration posts, its worth a look:

Thursday, 18 September 2008

one sheet of A4

Found these a while ago and figured with some of the stuff we've been doing recently that it just goes to show the possibilities ......

and a bit more on paper installations :)


Gill will be speaking in Lecture Thetare 'B' at 2.00pm. Watch out for posters.

Gillian Blease confirms lecture

Gill will be the first of our professional practice speakers, look out for posters to confirm date. Her work focuses on magazine and newspaper editorial illustration and extends into surface design. She keeps it simple but concentrates on colour, shape and inherent motion. Check out her site.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

A bit of Gary P

The work I produce has a strong leaning towards design. It is often experimental and process driven. I simply love putting things together. I could play for hours and hours with a letterform, a mark, a found image or whatever using the photocopier, just waiting for that moment when 'the stars are aligned'. I wouldn't describe myself as an illustrator as such, I feel I'm more of an image maker and I'm finding that liberating at present. My work at the moment is focused on exploring the balance between analogue and digital methods, let's see what happens.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

A drawing by Gary Spicer

"A lot of my work looks very tortured, which isn't like me at all. I don't know where it comes from".

Matthew Richardson Exhibition

Matthew taught the 2nd years last year and I know it is too far for us to go to but we wish him all the best with his new exhibition.....

Conduits, Schemes + Spheres
Emily Mitchell
Matthew Richardson

8 September - 10 October 2008
Private View: Tuesday 16 September 5pm - 7pm

Conduits, Schemes + Spheres explores the interplay between overt and covert narratives and the im/balances of power and meaning. At the core of the exhibition are two series of new collaborative works by Emily Mitchell and Matthew Richardson (Conduits, Schemes + Spheres and Before Armies March to Battle) - stages on which different dialogues, scuffles, and games of wit are played out. This work has been made over the past six months, and produced especially for this exhibition. Alongside these pieces are recent works by Emily and Matthew which have developed as a result of this collaboration.

The exhibition runs from 8 September - 10 October 2008 Monday - Friday 9 - 5
George Rodger Gallery, University for the Creative Arts Maidstone, Oakwood Park, Maidstone, Kent ME16 8AG

Watch out.....there's a Viking about!

Take a deep breath......Here is my latest work too.

I also made a website over the summer

What do they know about it anyway.........part 1

As staff we are constantly looking at your work, so to even the process up I'll encourage the illustration staff to post work so you can see what we do (besides teaching)

My turn first .............

Screen print process shown

Ben Karis-Nix shows his buddy Shaun how he prints posters for his band.

More Screen Print inspiration

Some more screen printed posters for the Year 2 illustrators to look at

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Hey! Level 2 Screenprinters Check This

Get into it, like these guys, see their gear at;

Sunday, 7 September 2008

New Varoom!

The new edition of Varoom is out now ..........available in the LAK from Tuesday 9th Sept.

In the seventh edition of Varoom Charlotte West profiles female duo Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass – Hvass&Hannibal - who are already stars in their native Denmark, and are fast gaining an international reputation as creators of enchanted dreamlike domains. This is a remarkable achievement as for much of their current career they have been full-time students.
The montage works of Peter Kennard have been described by John Berger as ‘pure and dirty.’ Today they are bought by the Tate and revered by fashionable street artists. But throughout his life Kennard has been pursuing a path of opposition and the rejection of cosy consensus. For Kennard, the image is a way of answering back. John O’Reilly investigates this powerful artist. Varoom 07 also covers the Young Americans. Interviewed by Steve Heller, four young artists reveal how American editorial illustration is developing in the hands of a new generation, as they wrestle with the traditional questions surrounding commercial and personal image making. Featuring Tamara Shopsin, Oliver Munday, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, and Jeremy Traum. Editor Adrian Shaugnessy interviews Brian Grimwood, one of the UK’s most successful illustrators. He describes his style as “loose and free – just blobs of colour with a line.” Today he combines his role as founder of illustration agency CIA with that of a freelance illustrator. And Haley Potter asks ‘What makes a Successful Fictional World?’, looking at the psychological, creative and professional challenges surrounding creating believable fantasy world. Also in this issue, four generations of illustrators meet for a round table discussion on the craft of illustration in 2008. In a wide-ranging discussion, John Vernon Lord (69), Paul Burgess (46), Jasper Goodall (35) and Jim the Illustrator (27) reveal their surprisingly congruent views on illustration, education and beards. Varoom is free to AOI members, and is published in early September. To subscribe go to ‘I love reading Varoom because it really is a most astonishing magazine, making the world seem more interesting, more multi-dimensioned, more full .Once I have absorbed a copy of Varoom I feel ready to take on the universe because I can see new colours, dance new steps, and think thoughts I never thought I was capable of thinking!’ Ian McMillan Poet, writer and broadcaster 'The naysayers say that illustration is a dying art. Nonsense! It’s vital and necessary, and a magazine that analyzes, critiques, and reports on the field is just what the doctor ordered.' Steven Heller, Editor AIGA VOICE and Co-chair School of Visual Arts MFA Designer as Author program.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Retro totalitarian gems

Have a look at this Polish design archive, its full of retro totalitarian gems

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Check out the medal!


New Blood Award

Mithun was awarded 'Best New Blood Award' this is given to the top 30 graduates in all design disciplines exhibiting (over 2000 students) at New Blood by a panel of industry judges.

The judges were particularly struck by Mithuns latest work for a project on Forced Marriages which stemmed from his own cultural background and his dissatisfaction with the current campaigns run by the FMU (Forced Marriage Unit) which he felt were not striking enough to get the point across.
Competition is tough with graduates from the top universities in art & design such as St Martins, Kingston, Glasgow School of Art & Edinburgh University all vieing for attention.

Edward Bawden & His Circle

This book came into the library over the summer. I don't want to give it back! It is full of beautiful colour examples of his work. He is the 'king of linocuts'.