Thursday, 12 February 2009

Illustration Pathway Magazine

We would like to create a quarterly magazine for the Illustration pathway. The brief is
open for all years and it is an opportunity for you to make work, no crit, no pressure,
just use it to experiment, explore and be yourself. It is a great chance for you to get
work in print for your portfolio. The work selected for publication, will be decided by
the editors. We aim to get the first issue printed by the end of April.
The only requirement is that you respond to the theme, which will change with each
issue. Forget about what you think the tutors will like. Just make pictures.
The first theme is FIRSTS.
Editors: Chris Howker and Mark Mottershead - Year 1
Theme: Firsts
Format: No bigger than an A4 page (full bleed), but your work can be any shape, land-
scape or portrait (as long a it fits within an A4). 300dpi CMYK TIFF file. Please do not
submitt any more than 3 images each.
Media: ANY
Deadline: 31st March 2009
Delivery details: Editors Dropbox
Please place your image in a folder with your name on into the Editors Dropbox (on
the server). You must also submit a short written piece (word doc) of no more than 30
words, giving a brief description of the thoughts behind your image and your email ad-
dress. If selected your image will not be changed but it may be re-sized.
A note about censorship: Please be aware that the magazine will be seen by the grown-
ups in the college and we will not be able to print any material that is risky / rude or
We would also welcome any suggestions that you have for a name for the magazine.
Please put any ideas you have in the box in the year one studio.
Have fun!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Tracy Kendal Lecture

My work is based on seeing interiors, sometimes my own, and translating elements of the interior into wallpaper which can then be re-introduced back into the room.
I suppose my wallpapers look so different because I’m not trying to mass-produce anything – I want them to convey a strong idea but not to dominate the room so much that that there is not room for anything else. The wallpaper designs I produce are all starting points and can be changed to fit with the clients’ interior.
The hand produced graphic range started production in 1996, with the large scale cutlery set the first to be designed initially for my own kitchen. Soon afterwards, I designed the airhead floral and both where then seen by Isla Crawford while she was editor of English Elle Decoration in 1996 and featured in the magazine. Other magazines then featured the work and people began to order them. I showed them first at 100% Design in 1997 and have been developing and selling this graphic range ever since.

Look out for posters for date and time

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


expect to see similar stuff to this appearing in mu studio space over the next however many weeks,months and years :D

Illustration Friday

I am sure that you have come across this site already but it would be great to submit your work and get it online. The forum is also useful and you could use it to make contact with other illustrators for your own blogs. The idea is that every Friday a topic is picked and you have until the following Friday to create an image for that topic (or you can use one that you already have!)

I am hoping to create a magazine similar to this idea for our pathway. You will be able to make work without the fear of the dreaded 'crit'. No pressure - just make work and enjoy.
Watch this space....