Friday, 6 February 2009

Tracy Kendal Lecture

My work is based on seeing interiors, sometimes my own, and translating elements of the interior into wallpaper which can then be re-introduced back into the room.
I suppose my wallpapers look so different because I’m not trying to mass-produce anything – I want them to convey a strong idea but not to dominate the room so much that that there is not room for anything else. The wallpaper designs I produce are all starting points and can be changed to fit with the clients’ interior.
The hand produced graphic range started production in 1996, with the large scale cutlery set the first to be designed initially for my own kitchen. Soon afterwards, I designed the airhead floral and both where then seen by Isla Crawford while she was editor of English Elle Decoration in 1996 and featured in the magazine. Other magazines then featured the work and people began to order them. I showed them first at 100% Design in 1997 and have been developing and selling this graphic range ever since.

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