Thursday, 12 February 2009

Illustration Pathway Magazine

We would like to create a quarterly magazine for the Illustration pathway. The brief is
open for all years and it is an opportunity for you to make work, no crit, no pressure,
just use it to experiment, explore and be yourself. It is a great chance for you to get
work in print for your portfolio. The work selected for publication, will be decided by
the editors. We aim to get the first issue printed by the end of April.
The only requirement is that you respond to the theme, which will change with each
issue. Forget about what you think the tutors will like. Just make pictures.
The first theme is FIRSTS.
Editors: Chris Howker and Mark Mottershead - Year 1
Theme: Firsts
Format: No bigger than an A4 page (full bleed), but your work can be any shape, land-
scape or portrait (as long a it fits within an A4). 300dpi CMYK TIFF file. Please do not
submitt any more than 3 images each.
Media: ANY
Deadline: 31st March 2009
Delivery details: Editors Dropbox
Please place your image in a folder with your name on into the Editors Dropbox (on
the server). You must also submit a short written piece (word doc) of no more than 30
words, giving a brief description of the thoughts behind your image and your email ad-
dress. If selected your image will not be changed but it may be re-sized.
A note about censorship: Please be aware that the magazine will be seen by the grown-
ups in the college and we will not be able to print any material that is risky / rude or
We would also welcome any suggestions that you have for a name for the magazine.
Please put any ideas you have in the box in the year one studio.
Have fun!

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Chris Oldland said...

Well this all looks very interesting, might have to see if I can rustle someting up...