Monday, 27 January 2014

Drawings based on Existential Characters

As part of an integrated project with 'Context', Level 4 students where introduced to the idea of existentialism. We explored this through presentations and discussions as a group. The students the chose existential characters from literature and film and got under their skin to try to understand how they viewed the world. This included characters from the film 'Drive', Kafka's 'Metamorphosis', 'Don Draper' from Madmen and King Lear. They then worked in groups to draw imaginary scenes of what would happen if their existential characters met.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Master Class by Irina Kaygorodova

On the study trip to Prague in November, a group of us visited the studio of fashion illustrator, Irina Kaygorodova. We were treated to a Masterclass led by her. We got to see how she works with fashion based reference to create beautiful portraits. We then go to try it for ourselves. Thankyou Irina, it was a real treat. See the full film here, screen shots are shown above. 

Hannah McLennan Jones interview with #MCRSPOTLIGHT

2013 graduate Hannah McLennan Jones has been interviewed about her work for This is Not A sex Shop for online magazine. She talks about her passions, inspiration and the idea behind her brand and how she has started to crave a name for herself. Also the story the behind how Kate Nash got to know about her work. Read the interview here.