Saturday, 31 January 2009

lots an lots of stuff :)

Ok there are literally TONNES of good artists out and about and i like them all, but I thought i'd post what I'd found here in hopes of inspiring others or seeing what else comes from it..

- GrainEdit :

a fantastic site of contemporary and 50's artwork.. strange i know but its vintage... i hate that term... :/ but FANTASTIC artwork

- Toycutter:

custom toys/figures, graffiti style

- KillerGerbil :

graffiti artist

- Michael Hacker Illustration :

Screen print, band posters

- :

stock illustrations, good examples of varying styles etc

- Common :

a Bar in manchester, often displays contemporary artwork, definitely worth a visit.
current exhibition on Jim Medway

- antikewl :

ANOTHER blog of all sorts, great artists and animation


photoshop tutorials plus other bits

- Chris Madden illustration :

yet more blogs

- MOCA (museum of computer art) :

collection of varying artists

- Root Magazine :

bit like Juxtapoz magazine.

- Rebecca Manley :

a friend of mine, her work is sometimes like 3d illustration although she's been told technically its not or something... anyway, i love some of her work, if you like TACTILE you should like her stuff.

- Royalty Free Textures:

one of the better texture sites ive found, good quality pics, even some xrays on there :)

- Richard Goodall Gallery (manchester) :

a little treasure trove of contemporary art,photography etc.. both a gallery and a shop, great collection of screen prints.

- Rob Bailey :

ive not been able to find much on him but his work reminds me of a modern digital version of charley harpers and was exhibited at Common. the only thing i properly found was this from the M.E.N

hopefully that will keep you all going for a while, whilst i filter out the next set of links to post :)

oooh and a final link for those wanting to screen print on t-shirts...
i havent checked the company itself etc nor used them myself yet, but figured for those who might be doing some of their own it could help... i want to order some soon, but will have to wait for some cash ;)

take care

Friday, 23 January 2009

Jill Calder Blog

This is a good blog by Jill Calder (illustrator/ lecturer) which acts as a record / archive of her illustration career. Here, she also records her influences and personal work. It may give you ideas and inspiration for your own Blogs.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Saggy says ........

'Things I have learned in my life so far'

by Stefan Sagmeister.

This is a little gem, ok so he's a graphic designer not an illustrator but this is still of interest.
You can't help but warm to the the big Austrian self publicist. A mix of auto-biog, home spun philosophy, advice and insights into how both Sagmeisters mind and the creative industry works.

Good book

'Inside the Business of Illustration' by Steven Heller (Author), Marshall Arisman (Author & illustrator) It's a worthwhile read, even though its over 5 years old. Some of the views sound a little dated, and you have to keep in mind that this is written from an American point of veiw. But having said all that Heller always has something intelligent to say and Arisman (the once wild but now tamed 'establishment' illustrator) has some deep insights and historical perspectives. This is a good book to use for Critical Studies as the authors are well respected and it is full of great historical references. This is what the burb says:

This guide to the ins and outs of today's dynamic illustration business tells budding illustrators everything that their teacher didn't know or their art director didn't tell them. Using an entertaining, running narrative format to look at key concerns every illustrator must face today, this book covers finding one's unique style and establishing a balance between art and commerce; tackling issues of authorship and promotion; and more. In-depth perspectives are offered by illustrators, art directors, and art buyers from various industries and professional levels on such issues as quality, price negotiation, and illustrator-client relationships.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Andy Martin

The ebullient and irrepressible illustrator Andy Martin will be joining the 3rd year illustrators in February for two days (Wednesday the 4th and Thursday the 5th of Feb)

Thursday is a 3rd year private study day I know but this week private study is canceled

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Another blog!!!!!

But hopefully a useful one. Illustration industry has been lovingly created by the makers of il-ust-ra-shun blog to give graduates advice and guidance after you leave us. Obviously you can read it before you leave too :-)