Saturday, 31 January 2009

lots an lots of stuff :)

Ok there are literally TONNES of good artists out and about and i like them all, but I thought i'd post what I'd found here in hopes of inspiring others or seeing what else comes from it..

- GrainEdit :

a fantastic site of contemporary and 50's artwork.. strange i know but its vintage... i hate that term... :/ but FANTASTIC artwork

- Toycutter:

custom toys/figures, graffiti style

- KillerGerbil :

graffiti artist

- Michael Hacker Illustration :

Screen print, band posters

- :

stock illustrations, good examples of varying styles etc

- Common :

a Bar in manchester, often displays contemporary artwork, definitely worth a visit.
current exhibition on Jim Medway

- antikewl :

ANOTHER blog of all sorts, great artists and animation


photoshop tutorials plus other bits

- Chris Madden illustration :

yet more blogs

- MOCA (museum of computer art) :

collection of varying artists

- Root Magazine :

bit like Juxtapoz magazine.

- Rebecca Manley :

a friend of mine, her work is sometimes like 3d illustration although she's been told technically its not or something... anyway, i love some of her work, if you like TACTILE you should like her stuff.

- Royalty Free Textures:

one of the better texture sites ive found, good quality pics, even some xrays on there :)

- Richard Goodall Gallery (manchester) :

a little treasure trove of contemporary art,photography etc.. both a gallery and a shop, great collection of screen prints.

- Rob Bailey :

ive not been able to find much on him but his work reminds me of a modern digital version of charley harpers and was exhibited at Common. the only thing i properly found was this from the M.E.N

hopefully that will keep you all going for a while, whilst i filter out the next set of links to post :)

oooh and a final link for those wanting to screen print on t-shirts...
i havent checked the company itself etc nor used them myself yet, but figured for those who might be doing some of their own it could help... i want to order some soon, but will have to wait for some cash ;)

take care


AlanDalby said...

Just so you know. That image under Chris madden's blog is by the brilliant 'Heads of State', Not the brilliant 'Chris Madden'.

cj howker said...

hahahahahhhah... i didnt even bloody read it :S ooops... however both are good :)

cheers for pointing that out.. jus seen some of Chris' other stuff too :)

im a dick...