Friday, 3 December 2010

A site for first year collectors...

I went to see the Mary Greg collection over the summer. It's part of the City Art Gallery and unusual as it is so different from the fine art. It consists of objects of ephemera and as in some of the collections you saw last week, the space it takes up in storage is contentious. However the collection has many beautiful items and has recently inspired an art-based project, "Mary, Mary, quite Contrary". This site (on which you can view many of the items) is worth a look...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

World as Words Exhibition

Another treat in Berlin. So many posters we had only ever seen in books. Scale makes such a difference!

Direktonhaus Berlin

It was a mission to find this place but what an unbelievable gallery, set in an atmospheric space. We saw an exhibition called 'A Night at the Opium Den'. The exhibits both in terms of content and through the use of materials really intrigued the viewer. Although very quiet when we visited (eerie!) it was a magical entrance into a new world. I see from the opening night of this event on their blog that the gallery was transformed into an almost theatrical space. Lots of ideas about exhibiting illustration work and how anything is possible.
Links to other exciting projects and events were found here.