Thursday, 30 August 2012

Black Fox MetalCraft

An ex-student of the Illustration Course has adapted her skills to set up a new venture. Jenny Reed has set up a company called, Black Fox Metalcraft who specialize in the design and manufacture of decorative metalwork products such as weathervanes, house signs and window boxes. 

Jenny added to her skill set after completion of the degree programme, taking courses in welding and blacksmithing. Together with her business partner, they take inspiration from natural forms, Gothic and  Victorian architecture and Art Nouveau illustration.  

Graduate News

There is an interview with recent graduate Dominique Byron in the latest issue of Digital Arts.  Jordan O'Brien is featured in this months Computer Arts. Keep raising that profile!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Just So Festival 2012

I have just got back from a busy weekend at the Just So Festival 2012 (so Rock n' Roll). It is a festival for young children and their families. A group of students had applied to assist Lord Whitney in theor fabulous set up of dressing of the site. I hung lampshades in a tree! I then ran a hectic Lantern Making workshop on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Glamourous assistants came in the form of Rick Clapham, Emma Thorpe, Laura Sharpe and even Gary Spicer came armed with extra supplies. This was a very popular workshop, the lanterns took on all sorts of forms and structures. Watching families work on them together was a real joy. It culminated in a wonderful night time parade of the 378 lanterns that were made. Phew!

Toys and Tales

A project set last November, finally came to fruition this month. From the Cross-Pathway Project a beautiful partnership was formed by Hannah McLennan-Jones and Natalie Molyneaux, aka 'Shark & Anchor'. They were selected by the owners of Toys and Tales to transform the window of their Poynton store. They have done a great job.