Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Videogame Nation

Just a post to make people aware of 'Videogame Nation' an exhibition currently running at Urbis. The exhibition includes examples of games dating back to the 1980s when gaming really started to take off and also gives a view to what computer games mean now and their place in society today. It was great being able to play on games that i played on as a child but to also read about the people behind them. Computer gaming is becoming more accessible to the masses with the console moving out of the bedroom into the living room played on by the family rather than just the child.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Eleanor Stewart

This animation I saw at New Blood really blew me away, done by a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Eleanor Stewart. The work was so simple yet obviously had been very time-consuming and technical to make it work. It was a beautiful response to the music. I hope she does really well and get lots of work. Have a look at her Blog, where you can view the animation.

RCA Show 2009

While down at New Blood, I did a whistle stop tour of the RCA show. Here is a link to the website. It is well worth a look. The drawing was stunning and presented very professionally.