Wednesday, 14 October 2009

6 x 6 - It's here!

Six By Six
is an exciting new publishing project which brings together MMU Cheshire’s latest Creative Writing graduates with Stockport College Illustration undergraduates. Earlier this year, Alice Slater, Liz Smith, Naomi Potter, Jason Weight, Jack Boardman and Tom Heinsohn handed over their unusually accomplished short stories to the cream of Stockport College's Illustration degree programme: Alan Dalby, Liz Ardolino, Natalie Wood, Chris Madden, Libby Vickers and James Peters. The result is a stylish and cool illustrated short story anthology. Join them this evening for a special launch event featuring readings from Six By Six and an exhibition of the artwork that so vividly enhances these fictions. Look here for details.


mrmarkmottershead said...

If its free im there.

Jo said...

Follow the website link and I think you need to register!

Chris Oldland said...

Think you need to phone to book...think its free though.