Monday, 3 May 2010

D&AD New Blood + Free Range

Attention all Year 1 & 2 students

D&AD NEW BLOOD: 24th – 29th JUNE
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane,
E1 6QL

This year New Blood has teamed up with the graduate exhibition Free Range, on show will be the best graduates from universities and colleges around the country. It is attended by industry and aims at providing graduates with maximum exposure to kick-start their careers.

This is a major opportunity for you to show support to the Year 3 students and more importantly check out the competition – it could be you there one day!

Jo, Gary & Eleanor are traveling down to the venue on FRI 25th JUNE. We will return on the same day.

A group ticket was mega expensive and single tickets seemed to work out cheaper.

We are going on this train.
OUTBOUND 10.23am (Stockport)
RETURN 21.00 (Euston)

Cost at present: Approx £35 - 40
Book NOW as the prices increase the later you leave it

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