Sunday, 9 October 2011

Graphic Guru Event

Graphic Guru will take place this Monday (10th October) The event the mutant off spring of 'Drawn Free' (born last year) will see six ex-Stockport illustration graduates return to the nest to meet with our current 3rd year fledglings.
The event is an opportunity for the 3rd years to talk to the graduates, and seek advice and support.
An added bonus this year will be that our five graduates Rose, Ben, Chris, Nat and Liam and Pete (see links in the Alumni section to the right) have all kindly agreed to act as 'Gurus' for a small group of current third years. This means that through out the year they 3rd years will have a point of contact with someone already doing the job out there in the big wide world. They can call upon them, rather like 'phone a friend' if they need advice on a project, visiting clients, or the direction of their work.

Add into the mix the illustrators friends: tea and cakes and it should be a great couple of hours.

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