Thursday, 18 October 2012

Anaglypta Competition Winner!

Year 3 Surface Design / Illustration student, Hannah Sumbland has won a competition (with a nice juicy cheque!)  to design a wallpaper for Anaglypta. It was a very open brief as the company were interested in new ideas. Hannah says, "I chose flowers and butterflies because that was what I was using for my 'Personal Passions' brief at the time and I work best in subjects to do with nature so I felt I could produce a strong design using these as a starting point. This project was a big challenge for me as I had never designed wallpaper before and there was a mathematical side to it which I found really difficult to get my head around, but I needed to understand it in order to put the design together for a screen print. It was also hard to keep it limited to two colours as I like to use a variety but the brief required us to use only two, and to show what the design would look like in white. After all the hard work I produced a design that I was happy with, it portrayed the delicate look I was aiming for and had the right sort of 'flow' that I thought would work well on a wall. I chose the colours navy and gold to create a sophisticated, decorative look. I handed the project in feeling happy that I had improved my drawing a little and had learnt a new skill, I never thought I would win so it was a lovely surprise when I was announced the winner! I'm really grateful for the opportunity I had to enter the competition and the confidence and skills it has provided for me!"

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