Friday, 24 May 2013

Here's One I Made Earlier

A small group of 'makers' in Level 5, devised ideas and plans for Blue Peter's make section of the show. Famously known for the line "Here's one I made earlier..", the students had to invent a new ‘make’ idea (of which over the years has been fairly exhaustive). They had to come up with aconcept that children could make on their own (or be helped to make with a grown-up!). The materials used, had to cheap and easy to source and tied in to an up coming celebration or cultural day. They also had to test their plans out on a group of school children to see if they could understand the instructions. Michelle Ackerley, Assistant Producer made a  visit to our studio and the students presented to her, she was really impressed with their ideas and is taking them forward to her team meeting. Watch this space. 

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