Monday, 29 November 2010

7x7 anthology

This years collaboration with MMU creative writing students, was more ambitious than ever. Our brief was to produce an illustrated anthology of 7 new stories to be launched at the Manchester Literature Festival 2010. The seven writers were teamed up with 7 pairs of illustrators who in turn worked with teams of Moving Image students to produce 20/30 second intro animations which introduced each author as they read from their text on the night.
The anthology was beautifully designed by two third year graphic design students also from Stockport College
. If I said it went smoothly I'd be lying through my teeth, the project was plauged by technical difficulties, and often tempers flared. But this was a sign that all involved wanted it to be a success, from an educationally stand point there was a lot of learning taking place throughout the project, technically, professionally and emotionally we were all tested. But that's what college is for, to create those situations in which real life learning can happen within a safe environment.
The images and the animations worked supremely well and complemented the stories wonderfully. Thanks to all those involved, hopefully we'll be back next year, older and wiser (well one out of two ain't bad)

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