Monday, 8 November 2010

Working Drawings: Exhibition and Conference

A date for you diary: Friday 3rd DecemberLink

Drawing can be used in a number of ways and settings. From a pictogram that transcends language barriers, a visualisation of topography, an emotional response to words or thoughts and as a formal means of communication - working drawings are the (sometimes instant) solution to many problems.

The exhibition includes drawings by Jill Calder, Roderick Mills, Ken Garland, Ed Fella, Abram Games, Alan Fletcher, Saul Steinberg, Jason Ford, Lee Ford, Frazer Hudson, Lydia Monks and Simon Spillsbury.

Here is the link to book your tickets


mrmarkmottershead said...

Hey Jo, I'm interested.

Although the link doesn't appear to work for me.

p.s thanks for the post on my blog, gives me some food for thought.

James said...


Mark, copy and paste the link from www onward.

Jo said...

It works now sorry!