Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Manchester & Salford Illustrated (MASI)

Wendy Mallas

Sana Hanif

Level 5 students Wendy Mallas and Sana Hanif have had their submissions for Manchester and Salford Illustrated 2013 accepted for a larger exhibition. The brief was simply ‘Everyday Manchester and Salford’. Wendy's piece of work is titled "Panpipers & Pigeons in Piccadilly". Sana's entry is based on iconic features of the city, showing aspects of its history in vibrant colours and using shapes that connect to one another. Their work will be in an exhibition in Manchester with the opportunity for it to be sold to raise money for The Wood Street Mission. Wood Street Mission is a registered charity based in the centre of Manchester. They help children and families living in poverty in the Manchester & Salford area. Congratulation Wendy & Sana.

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