Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Kids Club

A small group of Level 5 spent time this Tuesday evening at Bridgehall Kids Club at Bridgehall Community Centre. They designed Christmas Advent Colouring-In Worksheets, which some of the children got busy with. The students are about to start making illustrations for a Cook Book, which celebrates some of the activities and cookery classes that the Kids Club have been involved in this year.  The Kids Club have received funding from various sources to be able to carry out a healthy cooking project with the children and is linked to the national ‘change4life’ campaign, which encourages children and parents to eat more healthily.

The Kids Club have compiled 24 recipes that the children have made, they would like this book to be seen as  inspired by the children, but which will appeal to adults to try the food. They would like to sell the books to raise funds for the group. We attended the Kids Club to get a feel for the atmosphere and meet the children. There were some real characters who kept us throughly entertained and taught us new lingo! 

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